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In this difficult financial conjuncture that our country is currently in, Greek scientists, including members of our Association, continue producing internationally acclaimed research, even without the appropriate external funding. As the very least recognition of their offer and as an incentive for them to carry on with their research and scientific work in research centres and agencies for their contribution in the diffusion and promotion of the knowledge that they produce, the Board of Directors of the Alexandros S. Onassis Scholars’ Association has decided, with the consent and the support of the Foundation, to avail the total sum of then thousand euros (€ 10,000) in the provision of assistance in the coverage of publication expenses for original research in the fields of:

* Physical Sciences and Technology
* Humanitarian, Legal and Social Sciences
* Sciences of Management and Economy
* Health Sciences

The assistance is for ARTICLES to be published in peer-reviewed international scientific journals. To be eligible for assistance, the articles in question must meet the following requirements:

(a) The articles must have been submitted for evaluation or evaluated and accepted by at least two internationally acclaimed researchers (peer review process) in order to be published in a peer-reviewed international scientific journal, with an impact factor of at least 1.0 for any and all applicable scientific fields. At any rate, a letter by the editor to that effect (certifying that the paper was submitted for evaluation or has been irrevocably accepted) is required.

(b) The first or second author of the publication must be a member of our Association.

All interested parties are required to submit an application accompanied by the following documents:

1. An extended draft of the paper for articles that are currently in the submission stage or a copy of the paper for articles that have been accepted for publication; 
2. A Curriculum Vitae of the applicant, including a list of publications;
3. A statutory declaration, regarding the research centre/ agency with which the applicant is affiliated; stating that the research publication costs are not covered by other means; as well as a written statement that an original fiscal record (receipt/ invoice) of the publication expenses issued in the name of the researcher shall be submitted in due time.

The application and all accompanying documents are to be e-mailed to the Onassis Foundation (e-mail address: hsyrou.contact@onassis.gr)


Contact person: Hara Syrou         
tel.: +30 210 3713011
e-mail: hsyrou.contact@onassis.gr


The results will be announced on 15/7/2015 and will be valid for one year, with the exception of paragraph (ii) of the General Provisions.

i. The Association members that will receive the financial assistance in question, undertake to explicitly mention in the ‘ACKNOWLEDGMENTS’ part of their article that “the publication of this article was made possible with financial assistance from the A.S. Onassis Scholars’ Association”.
ii. For applications pertaining to articles at the stage of submission for evaluation by a scientific journal, the final decision to award the financial assistance shall be reached upon final acceptance thereof by the competent journal editor. The deadline is eighteen (18) months from submission of the funding application.
iii. The selection of articles to receive the financial assistance is to be carried out by the Board of Directors of the Onassis Scholars’ Association, at its discretion, following a recommendation by three academic advisors with the Onassis Foundation. During the application assessment and evaluation stage, the Board of Directors of the Onassis Scholars’ Association shall factor in elements such as the innovativeness, purposefulness, feasibility and the anticipated scientific and/ or social contribution of the proposed research.
iv. The Board of Directors of the Onassis Scholars’ Association, taking into consideration the recommendations of the academic advisors, shall decide freely whether or not to award a financial assistance. Application evaluation and assessment shall not be accompanied by any justification whatsoever. Following publication of the results, there shall be no re-evaluation of the applications and no appeal process is provided.
v. The amount of financial assistance awarded to each paper shall be decided in accordance with the number of nominated applications and the final amount of the call.
vi. The Board of Directors of the Onassis Scholars’ Association may ask that the financial assistance be returned at any given time, following ascertainment that it was used for purposes other than the approved.
vii. At any rate, the financial assistance is revoked if, after one year from awarding it, the Onassis Scholars’ Association has not received a hard or electronic copy of the published article that was awarded the assistance.
viii. Submission of an application constitutes acceptance of the rules of this call.