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9 Actions in 6 fields by the Onassis Foundation Scholars' Association.

On Wednesday, 15 October a press conference took place. The Onassis Foundation Scholars' Association presented the action programme to be implemented during 2014-2015.

During a scheduled press conference which was held on Wednesday, 15 October 2014, at the Onassis Cultural Centre, the Scholars' Association presented the complete agenda of actions to be implemented in 2014-2015.

First, Ms Effie Tsiotsiou, Director of the Onassis Foundation, opened the press conference and, inter alia, referred to the charity work of the Foundation through initiatives that focus on the sectors of culture, education, environment, health and social solidarity, with a special mention to a fundamental institution of grants offered by the Onassis Foundation, that is the annual scholarships.

Then, Mr Theo Anagnostopoulos, President of the Onassis Foundation Scholars' Association, took the floor to present the organisational structure, the aims and the vision of the Association, while he also spoke about the programmed actions for 2014-2015, that will be open to the wider public.

Aiming to bring the Greek society - young people in particular - in contact with a series of original, innovative, interactive initiatives in the fields of arts and crafts, sciences and technology, the members of the Association have already programmed for next year a series of activities that cover 6 different sectors: science, education, society, entrepreneurship, art, and sports.

More specifically, the programme includes:

“Syn Praxis”: Theatre Marathon - October 2014
“Join Us” - Volunteer educational and cultural action for Greek schools - Starting: November 2014
CIRCUS EXPLOSIVA by the “Nefelopetra” theatre company  - Explosive music and dance performance – November 2014
Participation in the Athens Marathon – in support to ELEPAP - November 2014
“Consonance” – Music festival - December 2014
Athens Science Festival 2 – Science in everyday life in a multidimensional festival for all ages – March 2015
“Alexandros Onassis” Entrepreneurship Day with the participation of prominent figures from around the world - March 2015
“Athens Through Photography” - Event on photography and the city of Athens - April 2015
“Re/habitations” - Architects' action in collaboration with Athenian citizens for reshaping their apartments – June 2015

The Association has a vigorous scientific, cultural, intellectual and artistic activity and currently counts more than 1,800 members –out of a total of 5,500 scholars- that were awarded scholarships through the Programme of Scholarships for Hellenes, but also includes foreign scholars that have received scientific grants and educational scholarships. They are prominent figures from the world of literature, sciences and arts and crafts. The Association aspires to act as a forum, where its members can present their activities and also as a channel for them to communicate amongst themselves, as well as with the Foundation and the wider public.

Onassis Foundation Scholars' Association

Detailed action programme


The events programme already started with a very successful theatre marathon, Syn Praxis, that took place in Athens, on Sunday 12 October. Famous artists - scholars of the Onassis Foundation - joined their efforts and created a theatre and dance marathon of many... acts, from 10.30 am until 10.30 pm on Sunday 12 October. With children's shows, performances by and for people with special needs, and “private”, 7 people performances, this festival offered a wide variety of choices with interactive experiences for the audience and was a total success.

Forthcoming events include:

CIRCUS EXPLOSIVA by the “Nefelopetra” theatre company at the Upper Stage of the Onassis Cultural Centre

13 November 2014

On 13 November, 12 musicians, dancers and performers, join their powers to present CIRCUS EXPLOSIVA, an explosive music and dance performance that combines live music, singing, acro-dancing and circus. All these are accompanied by video arts that allude to silent movies and an atmosphere that brings to mind Tim Burton's films and Tiger Lilies’ performances, seeking to create a poetically spooky dark magic world with the help of extreme make-up, lyric music, dangerous acrobatics and fabulous costumes.

“Join Us” - Volunteer educational and cultural action for Greek schools - Starting: November 2014

“JOIN US” is a volunteer programme that aims to inform and attract students by bringing them into contact with sciences, arts, creativeness, well-being and excellence and to generally act as a catalyst inspiring young children with the voluntary participation of members of the Association. The members of the Association will voluntarily offer knowledge, scientific and professional experience to students of all grades with lectures, workshops, presentation of professions, etc. Indicative topics of the action include:

presentation of professions/ skills


workshops of visual arts/ musicology/ photography

preparation of a theatrical performance

waste management

scientific project

the secrets of narration

emotional education, mental health

business plan

puppet show

presentation of special issues (e.g. how to learn, how to research, proper diet, earthquake emergency, human rights)

Activities concern all schooling levels, all over Greece.

Note: Approval of the Ministry of Education is pending

The Athens Marathon - 9 November 2014

Members of the Association participated at the Athens Marathon for the second year in a row, with a view to support ELEPAP. The members of the Association may participate voluntarily, while a programme for group training takes place during September and October.

“Consonance” – Onassis Cultural Centre, Upper Stage – 15 December 2014

In December, the Onassis Cultural Centre welcomes a music festival entitled “Consonance”, where a multitude of scholars meet on stage to lead us - through the power of the rhythm and the charm of music theatre - to a musical wandering.

During the first part, the “Athens Percussion Group” mallet percussion quartet will present two very important pieces, Edvard Grieg's Quartet No1 and Antonín Dvořák's Quartet No12.

During the second part, Kostis Kritsotakis's opera “Raven” (libretto by Nina Rapti) will premiere. Edgar Allan Poe's poem shall be followed by Astor Piazzolla's seductive, sensuous music: “Maria de Buenos Aires”, the only opera composed by the Argentine composer, and libretto by the poet Horacio Ferrer, follows the structure of the ancient tragedy and deals with love, destiny, punishment, injustice, death, redemption and ultimately salvation.

The works shall be presented under the music and artistic direction of Zoe Zeniodi and the stage direction of the famous choreographer Marco Pelle.

Athens Science Festival 2 – Technopolis, City of Athens, 16 – 22 March 2015

As of May 6-10, and for the second year in a row, at the Technopolis of the City of Athens, the Onassis Foundation Scholars' Association organises the Athens Science Festival, an event with a scientific focus, with the aim being to allow children and adults to ask questions and provide scientific responses, discuss with scientists, experiment, play, participate in workshops and attend interesting lectures and debates across different scientific approaches and views.

During this festival, visitors will be able to participate in:

interactive exhibitions;


scientific experiments;

laboratories and workshops;

educational games;

scientific theatrical performances;


student contests.

The “Alexandros Onassis” Entrepreneurship Day

Onassis Cultural Centre, Main Stage, 31 March 2015

It is a meeting organised with the participation of distinguished entrepreneurial personalities from all over the world, aiming to bring together and inspire young people attending lectures by successful, experienced, as well as younger entrepreneurs.

“Re/habitations” - An activity organised by architects, in collaboration with citizens of Athens with the aim to reshape their apartments - June 2014

Architects, artists and social scientists and scholars of the Onassis Foundation will work together with citizens of Athens and provide them with free studies to reshape their apartment houses. The aim of this activity is to rethink our homes and our daily life, and ultimately, to elaborate on the values expressed by these buildings and by the way of life in them. The activity is complemented by a scientific event aimed to analyse its theoretical and methodological context. The results of the research will be presented in a special publication that has been scheduled to appear after the completion of the activity.

“Athens Through Photography” - Onassis Cultural Centre, Upper Stage - 8 April 2015

It is a meeting focused on photography and the city of Athens, organised in co-operation with educational institutions such as the University of Sorbonne, for the second year in a row following its successful launch in November, 2013.

Centred on the challenges posed by the visualisation, the aesthetics and the technique of the medium, Greek and foreign speakers from Europe and America, both from the academic world and the world of arts, will raise questions, with the aim to:

re-interpret the civil landscape as an element of collectivity;

analyse the importance of the lived experience of the landscape;

formulate a stochastic re-determination of memory and of the sense of space.

Photographers, architects and artists analyse the notion of randomness and of the ability of photography to expose the urban web, its people, their habits, culture and economy and, in the final analysis, the history of a city.

The ideas and views presented during this meeting will be completed with the publication of a volume of abstracts including rich photographic material, by Potamos Publications, in spring 2015.

We will be happy to see you there!